Ferrum Water and Sewage Authority was created in 1969, with the purpose of providing water and sewer service to the Village of Ferrum and Ferrum College. Ferrum Water and Sewage Authority is committed to providing excellent service at the lowest cost possible to the customer. For more information please contact the Ferrum Water and Sewage Authority Office.

Maximum Daily Capacity - 325,000
Average Daily Use - 80,000
Available Capacity - 245,000


Darryl Spencer – Chairman
Ed Greer – Vice Chairman
Jeff Gring - Treasurer
Larry Moore
Frank Eddy


Water and Sewer Rates

FWSA 2014 Water Quality Report

Drip Accumulator: How much does a leaking faucet waste?

Water Conservation in the Home

James "J.J." G. Keith, II
Plant Administrator

P.O. Box 40, 330 Old Ferrum Road

Ferrum, VA  24088

Glen A. Hodges
Plant Operator 

Clifton L. Young

Plant Operator


Phone: 540-365-2193

Fax: 540-365-2611

E-mail: Ferrum Water & Sewer