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1255 Franklin Street, Suite 103
Rocky Mount, VA 24151

Phone: 540-483-3027

Steve Sandy, Director
Email: Steve Sandy

Lisa Cooper/Principal Planner
Long Range Planning
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Terrance Harrington
Senior Planner/Current Planning
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Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm


Land Development Ordinance Update

Franklin County, Virginia, is currently updating its code requirements related to land use and development – commonly known as the Zoning and Subdivision ordinances. These ordinances help to guide growth and development by governing how land is used, arranged, and built upon. The ordinances play a vital role in protecting property rights by mitigating the potential impacts of development, and by establishing clear expectations for investment decisions.

Scope: The Land Development Ordinance Update consists of six phases or “tasks.”(1)Project Initiation: Identify critical issues; establish a Technical Advisory Committee to review assumptions and draft ordinance text.(2)Demand/Capacity Analysis: Analyze land availability, market demand, and the effects of regulation under various scenarios.(3)Diagnosis: Assess how the existing code is working; prepare a detailed outline for efficient and user-friendly code structure.(4)Public Outreach: Employ various and innovative approaches to maximize public input in all areas of the County.(5)Recommendations: Present a series of “best practices” for code development.(6)Draft Ordinance Language: Develop the code; solicit public comment; adopt and implement.

Land Development Ordinance Update Documents



For more information regarding the Land Development Ordinance Update, contact:

Steve Sandy, Director
Lisa Cooper, Principal Planner
Terrance Harrington, Senior Planner

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