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Planning & Community Development
Office of Development Services
1255 Franklin Street, Suite 103
Rocky Mount, VA 24151

Phone: 540-483-3027

Steve Sandy, Director
Email: Steve Sandy

Lisa Cooper/Principal Planner
Long Range Planning
Email: Lisa Cooper 

Terrance Harrington
Senior Planner/Current Planning
Email: Terry Harrington 

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm


Long Range Planning

 "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow."
George S. Patton 


The Long Range Planning Team is responsible for the development, maintenance and implementation of the comprehensive plan and other plans, including neighborhood, small area, village, corridor, and special program plans.  The Long Range Planning Team conducts research and analysis using a variety of data sources to anticipate growth, development, population, and economic trends; develops the necessary ordinances, policies and programs to address community needs.  Additionally, the Long Range Planning Team writes and administers grants; manages and coordinates the county's housing rehabilitation and indoor plumbing programs.

Other Responsibilities of the Long Range Planning Team include:

  • Performs long-range and comprehensive planning studies
  • Maintains census data and other relevant statistical information related to demographic, development trends, and planning opportunities/constraints.
  • Seeks and facilitates public input in the development of long range plans and programs.
  • Supervises and manages the county's transportation planning functions; coordinates with local, state and federal agencies to provide transportation planning on a local and regional scale.

Successfully Planning: "Public action that generates a desirable, widespread and sustained private market reaction."  
Alexander Garvin


For more information regarding the Long Range Planning Division, please contact:

Lisa Cooper
Principal Planner/Long Range Planning
Department of Planning and Community Development


For more information regarding the Land Development Ordinance Update, contact:

Steve Sandy, Director
Lisa Cooper, Principal Planner
Terrance Harrington, Senior Planner

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