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Board of Supervisors
1255 Franklin Street, Suite 112
Rocky Mount, VA  24151

Phone: 540-483-3030 


Cline Brubaker
Bob Camicia
Mike Carter
Tommy Cundiff

Leland Mitchell or
Phone: 540-483-4488

Tim Tatum
Ronnie Thompson



For updated information on Route 220 lane closures, dial 511 or visit the Web site at

Rural Addition Program (RAP) - The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) funds a program known as the Rural Addition Program (RAP) for the purposes of bringing private roads up to standards to be added to the State system of roads and highways. Read more about the Rural Addition Program . . .

Policy for Use of VDOT Revenue Sharing - Policy of the Franklin County Board of Supervisors to allow use of the VDOT Revenue Sharing Program to assist with the construction, improvement and acceptance of certain private streets, and improvement of certain public streets providing that all prerequisites and priorities are satisfied. Read more about the Policy for Use of VDOT Revenue Sharing . . .

VDOT - 2011-2016 Secondary System Franklin County Construction Program Estimated Allocation.