Solid Waste

The collection and disposal of solid waste are among the most important services provided by the County government to its citizens, both private and corporate. Residential waste is collected through a network of waste drop-off sites at convenient locations throughout the County.  There are 10 manned sites and 25 unmanned green box sites. Commercial businesses are not allowed to use these sites.


The Franklin County Department of Solid Waste, operates a sanitary landfill that handles 125 to 200 tons of household waste, industrial waste and yard waste per day. This includes in-house recycling of scrap metal and white goods (discarded appliances such as stoves, refrigerators dryers and dishwashers), and cardboard. Lead acid batteries are not accepted at the Franklin County Landfill. The Landfill is open to the public six days a week. 

NOTICE: Landfill fees to increase May 1, 2023.

Tipping Fee

The landfill tipping fee for commercial waste is $50 per ton. Construction waste is $50/ton. Construction demolition waste may be brought in by homeowner on their own vehicle at no charge.  New Construction debris and shingles are $50/ton for everyone.

Tire Fees

  • $1 per tire for ATV or motorcycle
  • $2 per passenger/light truck tires
  • $4 per tire for tires used for a truck or trailer having a gross weight of 15,000 pounds or more and manufactured for larger vehicles or commercial use
  • $6 per tire for construction or heavy equipment as well as large tractor tires over 20 inches

Brush Debris / Large Bulk

All brush debris or large bulk items should be brought to the Franklin County Landfill for disposal.

The Franklin County Landfill is located at:
9340 Virgil H. Goode Highway (Route 220 South)
Rocky Mount, VA 24151