Elderly or Disabled Real Estate Tax Relief

The Commissioner of the Revenue office administers the Real Estate Tax Relief for the Elderly or Disabled Homeowners program in accordance with §20-18, of the Code of Franklin County, as Amended. The program helps relieve the real estate tax burden for qualified property owners.

To be eligible, property owners must meet the following requirements:

  1. The owner or their spouse must be: 
    • Age 65 or older on January 1; or,
    • Permanently and totally disabled (no age requirement) on January 1;
  2. Total household income cannot exceed $25,000;
  3. Combined net worth of the owner or their spouse cannot exceed $80,000 (excluding the value of the dwelling and up to 5 acres of land). Net worth includes, but is not limited to, additional land, year-end savings and checking account balances, vehicle value, etc.

If a property owner qualifies, the relief received will never be re-paid to the county by the property owner or their family should the property be sold, or the property owner passes away.

Qualified property owners must apply annually, no later than May 1st, to receive the benefit. Please call the Commissioner of the Revenue office at (540) 483-3083, option 2 to discuss eligibility, or schedule an appointment to apply.

  1. Margaret S. Torrence

    Commissioner of Revenue
    Monday through Friday
    8:30 am to 5:00 pm