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Fire Training Facility Use

  1. Franklin County Public Safety

  2. Franklin County Department of Public Safety
    1488 Franklin Street
    Rocky Mount, VA 24151
    Phone: 540-483-3091 Fax: 540-483-3086
  3. Fire Training Facility Use
  4. Scheduling of Facility Instructions
    Scheduling of the Fire Training Facility shall be coordinated by the Fire Training Division. Instructors scheduling use of the facility should be prepared to provide the following:

    •Name of Lead Instructor with Contact Information
    •Date and Time of Burn
    •VDFP, VAOEMS, VAVRS School number if training is sanctioned by agency
    •Course Schedule

    Prior to the scheduled date of the live fire training session, the Lead Instructor will need to obtain the keys to the Fire Training Facility from the Fire Training Division.

    The Lead Instructor shall be responsible for ensuring that the keys are not lost, damaged or stolenn while in their possession. (Making copies of keys is strictly prohibited)

    Following the completion of the burn, the keys shall be returned to the Fire Training Division withing three (3) business days from the scheduled date of the burn.

    Site Overhaul, Cleaning and Inspection
    The Fire Training Facility and exterior will be thoroughly inspected for any remaining fire and for physical damage. All unusable burned materials will be extinguished and properly discarded in a dumpster or area provided at the facility. At the conclusion of the exercise, the building and grounds will be left in a safe and clean condition.

    Instructors that do not leave the building and grounds in a safe and clean condition may be prohibited from future use of the facility.
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